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Find books and ebooks

Printed books

Use iDiscover to search the University’s libraries print and online collections using a single search. Find journal articles, books, ebooks, ejournals, videos, theses, open access content and more. You can filter and refine your searches by location, format, date of publication etc. iDiscover also has a mobile interface. Consult this LibGuide for help on using iDiscover. All of our printed books are catalogued on iDiscover.

The PC next to the self-issue machine in the library is dedicated to catalogue searching.

Books in the Chemistry Library are organised on the shelves according to the Library of Congress system.


You can also access e-books through iDiscover i.e. if you perform a catalogue search for a book and there is an electronic book version of it available, you will retrieve a record for it which will contain a direct link to that e-book. 

The e-books provide online versions of complete texts, allowing readers to search, print and download sections of works (subject to the usual copyright restrictions where you may only copy up to 5% or one whole chapter, whichever is greater, from a book). Additionally, they offer features such as dictionary checking and citation export; electronic notes and bookmarks can be made by creating a personal account. Some e-books can also be downloaded to mobile devices.

Please see the ebooks@cambridge website for further information on which ebooks are available in the university, and how to make the most of them.

New ebooks purchased by the University are advertised on the Chemistry Library blog and the ebooks@cambridge blog.

Here is a list of some chemistry related ebooks that have been purchased so far.

Library Toolbox 

The University Library operates an ezproxy server to enable off campus access to ebooks and other subscribed online resources. Using the Off-campus access bookmarklet you can reload any page through their proxy server.

Using and borrowing books from other libraries

It is possible to access other Cambridge University libraries with your University Card. Some may allow borrowing after setting up an account with that library.

Unfortunately you will need to visit most libraries in person to borrow books from and return books to them; libraries do not send and return books to and from each other for you. However, we do have mutual arrangements in place with some libraries whereby library staff will scan journal articles or book chapters on behalf of our readers, so before you make a special visit to another library please check with us first to see if this service is possible.

Online reference works

All of these works can be accessed via iDiscover and accessed off-campus using your Raven password where prompted for it unless stated otherwise:

In addition, Oxford Reference Online brings together many of Oxford University Press's most popular reference titles, including subject and concise/pocket language dictionaries, into a single, cross-searchable, collection, making it a unique tool for reference enquiries. The collection includes 46 titles covering science and technology. A list of titles arranged alphabetically can be viewed here.

How to find a book or book chapter not available in Cambridge

The Chemistry Library has a Document Supply account with the British Library. Please visit the Request items not held in Cambridge page for more information.

How to recommend a book or ebook for purchase by the Chemistry Library

Please visit the Recommend a book or other resource page.