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On- and off-campus access to eresources for current members of the University

The library catalogue and all eresources subscribed to by the University are hosted on the Cambridge University Library server. 'Off-campus' access is authenticated by Raven login. You can access Raven authenticated services such as databases, ebooks, ejournals etc. from any location outside the ‘’ domain (e.g. from your computer at home during vacations or when away from Cambridge). There is no need to specifically use the Chemistry Department VPN therefore.

From outside of the University network just do your search on LibrarySearch or the ejournals@cambridge page for example (please follow the guidance given on the Find journals and ejournals, Find a database, and Find books and ebooks pages) or follow the Quick Links to some of these from the Chemistry Library website homepage. When you click on the link for the eresource you will automatically be prompted for your Raven password. You should only need to enter your login details once per session, unless you close your browser.

Some ebooks and databases always require a Raven login while you are on the University network, however.

Journal publisher websites may not recognise your IP address as being a member of the University with subscribed access. We recommend generally that you search for the journal and other eresources via the University Library server. You will be recognised as a University of Cambridge user and be given direct access to the resource. You can also install this off-campus access bookmarklet which you can use to reload any page through the University Library's proxy server.

Remember to follow the button or links to "cambridge full text" wherever you see it to access the full text of a journal article!

See 'How do I get a Raven password?' on the University Information Services website for more information.

If you cannot access an eresource for any reason please contact us or the University Library and remember that if what you need isn't in Cambridge we may be able to supply it from the British Library for you.

Access to eresources for alumni, including former post-docs

Alumni still have free access to some online academic resources, even when you’re not in Cambridge. You can access them by logging in using your email address. Find out more on the Alumni website.