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Chemistry Data Champions - Work in progress

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Activities that we are currently planning.

  • Sessions on data management related topics (drop-in clinics, workshops, talks), held as part of the Department's Graduate Education Training Programme. A call for speakers will go out soon. Possible topics include: licencing, data storage and backup, Electronic Lab Notebooks, barriers to sharing data and how they can be overcome, data management plans, Github, open file formats, using R or Python to manage your data, sharing data/publications/pre-prints in repositories. If you can provide some expertise in any of these areas please let us know.
  • Designing postcards to promote the Chemistry Data Champions, and how to use open file formats rather than proprietary ones. Increasing the number of protocols for doing this on the Chemistry Data Champions website.
  • Social/networking events to promote Chemistry Data Champion actitvities and encourage members of the Department to contribute.
  • Locating sources of¬†income to help us deliver the activities above.