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What is a standard?

According to the British Standards Institute, a standard is essentially an agreed way of doing something, for example about making a product, managing a process, delivering a service, or supplying materials. They should provide a reliable basis for people to share the same expectations about a product or service. They can cover a huge range of activities undertaken by organisations and used by their customers.

Technical standards are usually a formal document that establishes uniform engineering or technical criteria, methods, processes and practices.

International standards are available for consideration and use worldwide.

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British Standards Online (BSOL)

The University subscribes to British Standards Online (BSOL). This is a comprehensive library of over 90,000 internationally recognised standards. It’s available 24/7 and revised every single day. You can also access ASTM, ISO, CEN, CENELEC and IEC on BSOL.


Standards LibGuide

The Standards LibGuide includes general standards guidance and information regarding access to British Standards Online and other standards that the university provides access to.