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Displays in the Chemistry Library

At the Chemistry Library we like to create displays which showcase our collection while celebrating special occasions or foregrounding important issues. On this page, you can find photos of some of our previous displays and links to the books featured in them. If you have an idea for a display you would like to see in the library, let us know!

University Mental Health Day 2024

Featured Books

Student Mental Health & Wellbeing in Higher Education: A Practical Guide - Nicola Barden and Ruth Caleb, eds. (2019)

The Flourishing Student: A Practical Guide to Promote Mental Fitness, Well-being and Resilience in Higher Education - Fabienne Vailes (2022)

Yes! You Are Good Enough - Trish Taylor (2020)

Depression at University - Dominique Thompson (2019)

Anxiety at University - Dominique Thompson (2019)

Stay Balanced While You Study: Make the Most of Your Student Experience - Dominique Thompson (2020)

Managing Stress - Kate Joseph and Chris Irons (2018)

Featured eBooks

Managing Your Mental Health During Your PhD: A Survival Guide - Zoë Ayers (2022)

Mindfulness for Students - Stella Cottrell (2018)


University Mental Health Day

University of Cambridge Student Support


Student Minds

Student Space


Mental Health in Academia (Zoë Ayres)


International Day of Women and Girls in Science 2024

Featured Books

Equity for women in science: dismantling systemic barriers to advancement - Cassidy Sugimento and Vincent Lariviere (2023)

Women in science now: stories and strategies for achieving equity - Lisa Munoz (2023)

Chemistry was their life: pioneer British women chemists, 1880-1949 - Marlene Rayner-Canham (2008)

Not just for the boys: why we need more women in science - Athene Donald (2023)

Science by women: stories from careers in STEM - Eucharia Oluchi Nwaichi, ed. (2022)

Women in science: career processes and outcomes - Yu Xie and Kimberlee Shauman (2003)

Featured eBooks

Empowering women in STEM: personal stories and career journeys from around the world - Sanya Mathura (2023)

The Palgrave handbook of women and science since 1660 - Claire Jones, Alison Martin and Alexis Wolf, eds. (2022)

Women of color in STEM: navigating the double bind in higher education - Beverly Irby, Nahed Abdelrahman, Barbara Polnick and Julia Ballenger, eds. (2021)

Women in nanotechnology: contributions from the atomic level and up - Pamela Norris and Lisa Friedersdorf, eds. (2020)

Meeting the challenge: top women in science - Magdolna Hargittai (2023)


International Day of Women and Girls in Science

Women in STEM at Cambridge

Women in Chemistry at Cambridge


Cambridge Green Week 2023

Featured books

Recoverable and recyclable catalysts - Maurizio Benaglia, ed. (2009)

Fundamentals of materials for energy and environmental sustainability - David Ginley and David Cahen, eds. (2012)

Chemistry and the environment - Sven Harnung and Matthew Johnson (2012)

Sustainable energy -- without the hot air - David MacKay (2009)

Air pollution and global warming: history, science, and solutions - Mark Jacobson (2012)