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We are always keen to hear your thoughts about the Chemistry Library

Photo of whiteboard in library with tree draw and comments written in the leaves
For Easter term 2023 we created a physical feedback board in the library and an online feedback board where you could post your comments anonymously and we would respond. We hoped that this would encourage more feedback from all library users on the library space, services and collections in an informal way, and also highlight our approachability.
The physical feedback board was engaged with from its first day in place, we monitored it daily and responded. Of the comments received, some we could action an immediate response and others required a holding reply while we investigated further.

You said... We did...

Our "You said... We did..." poster provides a summary of feedback received during Easter term 2023.

Keep on letting us know!

We really enjoyed hearing from you! Although the physical feedback board was only available for Easter term, the online feedback board is here to stay.  Please do use it to post your comments or suggestions, or leave a message in our comments book in the library.  
The physical feedback board will be back, in a slightly different guise, for Michaelmas 2023.