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Students working in the Chemistry Library

The Committee for the Library and Scholarly Communication is working hard to make both the Committee and the Chemistry Library service as equal, diverse, and inclusive as possible.


EDI audit

Please see our Audit of ED&I (Equality, Diversity, & Inclusion) related activities and resources at the Chemistry Library and Cambridge University Libraries document. This outlines the EDI activities and resources that have already been implemented or are planned for the future, at the Chemistry Library and across the wider Cambridge University Libraries to which we belong. The document proposes actions to take towards EDI and a note on their progress. It will be updated regularly. 

However, this is intended to be a living document that can no doubt be improved with the input of our library users. We would welcome your comments on this document and on EDI at the Chemistry Library in general. Please get in touch with us in person (in the Library Office, or arrange a call or chat with Clair Castle, the Librarian, on Teams at cmc32) or via email at

We look forward to hearing from you!


Chemistry Library Assistive resources website

Please visit our Assistive resources website for details of the many assistive resources and services available to anyone wanting to use the Chemistry Library. It is designed to help you get started and consider any adjustments you may need. 


Other resources of interest

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