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Please be aware that the subscription to SciFinder will be cancelled with effect from 1 October 2020. Please see this List of useful databases page for alternatives.

IMPORTANT - BACKUP YOUR DATA! You may wish to save the results of any searches you have performed on SciFinder; this will need to be done in advance of cancellation. Please see this document (note: use the 'Print' or 'Export' functions only, 'Save' saves results to the SciFinder server, which you will no longer have access to). There is also more detailed guidance in SciFinder Help (accessible from within SciFinder, click on your Account icon): see the 'Working with Search Results' section, which has subsections for Substance, Patent Markush, Reaction, Reference, and Supplier results. There appear to be options for emailing/downloading results to your computer in various formats.

If you have any questions about the cancellation please contact

Registration is required

SciFinder requires you to complete a registration form before you can access it. This is a simple process and only needs to be done once. You will be asked to give your name and to create a username and password. Please enter your @cam email address where asked. A link will be sent to your email account to activate your registration. Thereafter you will use your username and password to sign in to SciFinder.

How to access SciFinder-n

If you are on campus

To register: click here.

Once you have registered: click here.

If you are off campus

To register: click here.

Once you have registered: click here.

Getting help

Please contact the Chemistry Library by email at

Or, for registration problems and direct technical support from CAS, please email